Himalayan Eco-system is struggling for maintaining the cultural and natural status of its existence. Lacking of inquisitive vision unanalyzed capitalization of natural assets, dispersion of natural habitat and unavailability of current needs to sustainable livelihood prone to migration of community from rural to urban areas. Economy plays an important role for survival of an Eco-system.

Tourism is an activity attended by human beings to become refreshed from a past life, by enjoying the present to achieve the way towards creative vision of, human conscious, responsibilities, duties and rights of the future.

Eco tourism is ‘the tourism activity held in around natural habitat pertaining to the preservation and development of bio diversity of an Ecosystem’. Promotion of employment in this, regards to local community bringing evolutionary change in Himalayan Eco system.

Eco-tourism is based on the development of an ecosystem by natural adaptation of visitors, responsibility to provide sustainable livelihood, intelligibility to preserve the traditional & cultural assets, targeting inspiration of an activity held in between the relation of life & its natural surroundings. Resulting in economic & social standardization, which is extremely necessary to accomplish a peaceful life of an eco-system.

Binsar Eco-camp is an institutional & amusing venture, to achieve the basic infrastructure development of eco tourism concepts, where the paying visitors entertain their tour with having pleasant feel of natural habitat within short period of their trip.

Binsar Eco Camp is simply a nature resort, situated in the buffer zone of Binsar Wild life Sanctuary, at an altitude of 7000 feet in Dhaulchhina. As located in middle Himalaya it is rich in flora & fauna, an effort of Mr. Keshar Singh Mehra (M.Sc. Botany), local villager and founder member of Binsar wild life sanctuary, with his team has really proven the inspiration of current tourists.

Leisure holidays in the nature, along with hundreds of medicinal herbs & colorful birds, leopard, barking deer, silence of mountain.

Himalayan ranges from Chaukhamba to fish tail, hygienic, traditional, cultural, atmosphere to enjoy the vacation with local organic food, herbal tea, and natural mineral water.

Personality development by rescue games, jungle trekking, rock climbing, rappelling, river surfing, night trekking, camp fire, bird watching, yoga meditation and others like carom, chess, etc. some of the famous Nearby excursions are Jageshwar (one among 12 Jyotirlinga), Patal Bhuwneswer cave (a natural cave where Pandavas stayed during their exile), Vimal Kote temple, Bridh Jageswer (scenic beauty).

Traditionally constructed eco cottages and their aura gives you a feeling that is similar as being home away from home, hospitality an important factor that is very well taken care of, attracts the visitors and induces them to revisit this peaceful, skillful, hygienic and niche ambience of Binsar Eco Camp.